"If you’re a writer, particularly if you’re a writer or a storyteller of any kind, there is something already kind of monstrously wrong with you." Anthony Bourdain
Telling brand stories is more interesting when they are relevant.
Global Social Films - Leo Burnett Worldwide

Surf Board Shaper - California USA Social Content

Cafe Racer - California USA Social Content

Calligrapher - Oregon USA Social Content

Organic Farmer - Bali Indonesia Social Content

Fashion Photographer - Moscow Russia Social Content

The University of Arizona 
For certain, the high desert of Tucson is a wellspring of imagination. But even more than the surrounding environment, we found that innate wonder lies at the heart of each and every Wildcat. It’s wonder that drives them to do the unknown, the unimaginable, and the unprecedented—and ultimately makes them who they are. And we wanted to share exactly how Wonder Makes Us at Arizona.
Together, we captured the stories of three incredible individuals who emulate wonder to the core: Phil Evans, an international wheelchair basketball player and student; Marcia Rieke, Astronomy Professor and Principal Investigator for the NIRCam on NASA’s James Webb Telescope; and Sama Alshaibi, multi-media artist and Professor of Photography.
These stories—sometimes standalone, sometimes interwoven as part of a larger Wonder narrative—have been mobilized in a 360-campaign including out-of-home, custom content, TV, OTV, programmatic digital, and social, and are now live in Tucson, Phoenix, and key out-of-state markets like California and Texas.

University of Arizona TVC

University of Arizona - Sama Alshaibi's story

University of Arizona - Marcia Rieke's story

University of Arizona -  Phil Evans' story

UCLA - Knowledge Solves
Curing deadly childhood diseases. Mapping the heavens. Launching the digital age. Advancing earthquake science. Building sustainable futures. Working toward a more inclusive society. Elevating neighborhoods. And changing history.
The campaign is rooted in UCLA’s mission of research, education and service. It’s a declaration of where the UCLA community stands and what it believes in. The campaign will highlight some of society’s most pressing challenges and how UCLA programs and research are developing solutions for them.



Knowledge Solves - Depression

Knowledge Solves - Obesity 

Knowledge Solves - Homelessness 

Film Reel 2020

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