The University of Arizona is in the discovery business. And to discover you have to be curious. You have to have that insatiable desire to know. You have to ask questions like what if and why not. It is wonder that drives us to do the unknown, the unimaginable and the unprecedented—and ultimately makes us who we are. It’s all that wonder that drives us to world and self-discovery. We believe wonder lies at the heart of each and every one of us and we want to share exactly how Wonder Makes Us.
Together, we captured the stories of three incredible individuals who emulate wonder to the core – Phil Evans, an international wheelchair basketball player and student, Marcia Rieke - Principal Investigator for the NIRCam on NASA’s James Webb Telescope and Astronomy Professor and Sama Alshaibi – multi-media artist and Professor of Photography.
The 360-campaign included OOH, custom content, TV, OTV, programmatic digital and social.
Wonder Makes Us
Phil's Wonder
Sama's Wonder
Marcia's Wonder

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Wonder 00.30

Wonder PSA

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